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As obviously seen, the hottest and latest buzzes in the past few hours are the US Supreme Court’s rulings on junking the federal Defense of Marriage Act (US v. Windsor) and California’s Proposition 8 (Hollingsworth v. Perry), two statutes that immorally discriminate gay couples.

Here are some in-depth insights from The Huffington Post about the rulings:

Also some featured must-read analyses and insights by the SCOTUSblog team:

It is indeed a huge and historic victory for equality, human rights, liberty, justice, privacy and progress.

With Proposition 8 being dismissed by SCOTUS resulting to the upholding of the lower federal court’s ruling of the statute’s unconstitutionality, the state of California is once again a Marriage Equality state. The DOMA ruling unfortunately does not necessitate nationwide legalization, but it does create a case law that progresses LGBT rights. It’s a start.

A nationwide recognition of gay marriage is inevitable. And these rulings mark America’s climax in achieving that goal. I’m not an American nor am I gay, but I am glad to be alive to witness a historic event. I am glad to take part in 21st century activism that truly inspires and promotes ideals. And this indeed sets a precedent that highly influences human rights and domestic politics in an international scale.

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